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New Year's Spread: Elemental Spread

Happy 2012!! I want to take a moment to thank all of you who have followed this blog in 2011 and took the time to share kind words and encouraging comments via email, Twitter and this page. It means a lot to me.

I have strived to make this blog educational and enjoyable, even though at it's heart it's my personal Tarot diary.

I have loved sharing my views on Tarot with all of you and will continue to do so in the year to come.

Yesterday was a recovery day from the New Year's Eve celebration. It was not booze that did me in but the long night. I spent most of January 1, 2012 sleeping. That means, this is the first blog entry for 2012.

A few days before New Year's Eve I did a spread that glanced back at 2011 before turning me eyes towards 2012. (read that blog here) Then yesterday I found a spread on my friend's website that looked really interesting, so Lisa, I hope you don't mind but I'm stealing it!! (You can see the original post for the spread here and please check out her terrific blog

This spread is a simple six card elemental spread that is laid out in a shape of a pentagon. You also should get your Personal Tarot Year Card to use as your significator for this spread and interpret each of the cards thrown in the spread through the energies of your Personal Tarot Year Card. You can find out how to determine your Personal Tarot Year Card here.

  1. The Earth card represents what will be emphasized for you interms of your physical health and financial stability in 2012.
  2. The Spirit card represents the main spiritual lesson to be learned in 2012.
  3. The Fire card represents your creativity, fertility, will power and courage. This card relates to your work/calling for 2012.
  4. The Air card highlights problem solving in the year ahead. Your main communication theme/challenge in 2012 will be seen here.
  5. The Water cards represents the sphere of emotions. Your main relationship theme/challenge for 2012 is found here.
  6. This is your "interface card." It represents how you can be a service to humanity in 2012.
Personal Tarot Year Card
The Star is a card of emotional calmness. We see a naked nymph pouring water out of two vessels. The pouring water represents the emotional, spiritual and creative energies freely being given to the world. She pours water into the pool of unconsciousness thereby replenishing her own soul and pours water upon the earth, giving her spirit and energies the ability to create her reality. Our Nymph kneels with one foot in the water and the other rests behind her on the ground. She lives both in the spirit and the body, the ethereal and the physical. She has achieved the balance sought by Temperance while not worry about losing any water.

1. Earth Card
In the Four of Cups we see a lad sitting cross legged and arms folded, his back against a tree. He looks past three golden cups in front of him and doesn't see the cup being offered from the heavens.

Oftentimes the Four of Cups is described as a card of apathy. It has also been described as a direct outgrowth of the preceding celebrations of the three and therefore a rest and recovery from the debauchery of the night before. Either way our lad doesn't see opportunities and blessings.

Reversed and our lad may be looking for new opportunities to stave off boredom or to add excitement. His psychic awareness may also be increased.

The influence of the energies of The Star promises an increase of my psychic abilities and intuition. It also warns of possible slip back into depression and apathy. I must remain vigilant to not rest so much that I withdraw from society.

2. Spirit Card
The Knight of Swords is The Grail Knight. Lancelot, Galahad, Gawain. All are described by our Swords Knight. Full of passion and righteousness our Knight rides fearlessly and focused into battle.

Reversed, the energies of Noble Knight becomes braggadocio. His zeal causes his passion to bubble out of control. He might become fanatical or delusional in his lust for righteousness or justice. He may tilt at windmills, or he may just run out of steam.

Under the influence of The Star our Reversed Knight tells me to keep an even keel on my spiritual journey. Not to believe I have found "the way." Nirvana is different for everyone.

Since I have never been a "my way or the highway" kind of person when it comes to spirituality, perhaps the Communication Knight warns of meeting such people along the way in 2012. I may be put in situations where I am continually forced to explain or justify my personal beliefs. Under the influence of The Star I am reminded to take the high road and don't be dragged into "morality arguments."

3. Fire Card
In the Eight of Cups we see a man in the background travelling. He is walking up a slight hill with water surrounding him. In the foreground we see eight golden chalices standing upright atop one another.

Our man has turned his back on the cups and is moving on. Things are still going okay for the man, certainly no cups have fallen or broken. Yet, as we can see from he gap between the cups on the top row something is missing. The man may feel unfulfilled.

Reverse the Eight and our man may be returning instead of leaving. He may be returning to an old relationship or being reinstated in a previously held position or may be rehired for a old job. It may signify a reversal in our man's thought pattern and he may reconsider an offer that he previously turned down.

The Star adds a calmness to these decisions and beckons to put aside past hurts for present and future growth. I may be asked to partner up with former associates to get my tarot business moving in the right direction.

4. Air Card
The Hierophant is the card of social acceptance. In it we learn how to fit in with society. We learn to hide parts of ourselves to better blend in and be accepted. In this way, The Hierophant is the anti-individuality card. It screams for us to think the same way, dress the same way, love the same way.

Reversed The Hierophant tells us to march to our own drummer, stick out like a sore thumb and Think Different. Blended with The Star's energies the Reversed Pope reminds me that, like the lesson of the Knight of Swords - Reversed, I will be talking with many people who obey, and even proselytize, societal norms. My main challenge is going to be sticking by my beliefs and not be cowed because of my unorthodoxy.

5. Water Card
Three is a Magic Number. In the Three of Pentacles we see that hard work has paid off and success finally arriving. Graduating from the constant juggling and turmoil that were in the Two, our artisan is now commissioned for his work. He also is attracting people to him. In addition to the Abbot who commissioned him to design the church he also collaborates with an architect. In order for the task to be completed each man must work in harmony with the others. In this way the Pentacle Three's energy teaches teamwork and compromise in addition to self improvement.

Add the even calmness and surety of The Star and we see the promise in gained confidence. The card promises that confidence in my craft, skills and self will attract people to hire me, which will increase my skills and confidence, which will attract people to hire me, which will increase my skills and confidence, which will attract people to hire me, which will ... well you get the idea. A beautiful circle of success will result.

6."interface card"
The Three of Wands shows a merchant standing on a hill watching his ships on the ocean. The ships sail on a calm sea of golden water. The man holds one wand while standing in front of two others that form a gate the man walked through. The energies of the three again show success starting to happen.

Unlike the hard work that lead to the success in the Three of Pentacles. Here it was our merchants good decision making that lead to his growth.

Reverse the Three and those good decisions may turn out to be bad, or indecision may mean the decision is never made and our merchant watches the ships sail past. It may mean that our merchant takes too big a risk and becomes overambitious.

Add the emotional certainty of The Star and risk taker of the Reversed Three of Wands is balanced, perhaps too much. The emotional calmness may add to the apathy of indecision and nothing is done or resolved.

The lesson here is to just get involved. If you/I want to make a difference in this world and contribute to it's growth and healing, it doesn't matter what and where we do it just matters that we do something. Don't sit on the sidelines. Make the decision and dive into the pool!!

Overall, this spread provides a good blueprint for 2012. I was surprised by the amount of reversals showed up. I guess that means that my road will be curvy instead of straight and there will be lots of blockages to breakthrough and challenges to overcome. All four elements are represented, as are The Court Cards and The Major Arcana. There is a nice balance in these cards a nice reinforcement of lessons throughout.

The promises and lessons of 2012 will be Success through Balance.

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