Thursday, January 5, 2012

How To Achieve 2012 Tarot Goals

It's been a few days since the New Year started, and I hope 2012 brings all of us success and prosperity. Today seemed like a good day to plot the direction for my Tarot related resolutions (I prefer to call them promises). They include growing my business which right now is only readings at psychic fairs and online via email or Skype, to include a private Tarot consulting service with office hours, performing corporate gigs and private partes and publishing a tarot related book. But before laying the journey out, I wanted to get some insight and advice from the cards. I asked:

"What are the best ways to achieve my Tarot related goals in 2012?"
I pulled three cards:

The first thing that strikes me is the amount of Pentacles. Pentacles stand for money, nature and grounding. This tells me that I must focus on grass roots marketing. Word of mouth, networking and "press the flesh." I must be like a politician. If I want your vote, I must get out there and meet you. Face time is extremely important. I must use the psychic fairs and tarot meetups as an opportunity to gain clients and grow my private practice.

The two Pentacles that showed up were the Four and the Five. The fact that they showed up in order is important. The four shows a merchant or ruler sitting on his throne. Pentacles cover his head, heart and feet. It is a miserly card. I believe the energy of the four is telling me not to overly give. Do not give free readings. If I set a value level for my services, my clients will see a value in me. In addition the Four is telling me to keep my ideas (marketing and business structure) close to the vest. The old saying of "Loose Lips Sink Ships" comes to mind. 

After the Four comes the energies of the Five. The miserly reactions of the Four lead to the despair seen in the Five. In the Five we see a family passing in front of a church. They are dressed in tattered rags. Looking at this card I am overwhelmed with melancholy. The family is so wrapped in their troubles they do not see the church behind them. They are unaware that assistance is there for them. All they need to do is be open to the idea.

The lesson here is to accept help. Getting my business off the road is going to be filled with challenges and the Five reminds me I do not need to go it alone. Success leaves clues. Meet and interview those who have successfully set up and run there own consultation services. Do not let ego, hubris or pride get in the way of receiving good advice.

In between the two pentacles is the Page of Swords. Our Page is that smart-alecky student. He may be verbally caustic and intellectually cocky. He is still a student and needs to grow into the maturity of the Knight. The Page deals with challenges and adversity by intellectually and emotionally removing himself from the situation.

Appearing in the middle of the journey from Four to Five the Page shows me that I must work on facing my challenges and engaging others instead of "checking out." Before I can accept the help offered in the Five I must learn to acknowledge and face the challenges and not turn and run like the Page.

What are your Tarot related promises for 2012 and how are you going to achieve them?

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