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New Year's Spread: Glancing Backwards/Looking Forward

It's one day before December 31, 2011. One day before New Year's Eve. Two days before the prophetic 2012 starts. Now is a good time to reflect on 2011 and turn an eye towards 2012. The New Year's Spread I am using I found on It actually is a birthday spread, but a new year is a birth of sorts, right?
  1. Which card represents me at this moment? - The Hermit
  2. What knowledge did I gain from 2011? - Ace of Cups (Rx)
  3. What am I bringing into 2012? - Two of Cups
  4. What challenges will come in 2012? Eight of Cups (Rx)
  5. What opportunities will come in 2012? Five of Cups
  6. What gifts or guidance will I have/need in 2012? Four of Cups (Rx)
  7. Which wish will come true in 2012? Ten of Swords (Rx)
Wow, that is a lot of Cups. I guess 2012 is going to be a emotional, creative and spiritual year for me.

1. Which card represents me at this moment?
The Hermit is a card of contemplation and inner searching. A seeker of self truths. In the Fool's Journey, The Hermit comes after Strength. Right after our Fool learned to deal with adversity for the first time and how to lead by gentleness rather than force. After all the lessons learned during the first triumvirate of Majors that taught separateness and success through strength of will, our Fool now turns inward to seek answers.

The Hermit's lantern is made up of a Mogen David, or Star of David. A Jewish symbol that is comprised of one upward and one downward facing triangle. In alchemy, these triangles represent fire and water (male and female energies) and are referred to as the Seal of Solomon. Therefore our fool holds out the light of integration to show him the way.

Likewise, I am still on my spiritual journey and learning to balance my desire to make Tarot and metaphysics my life's work and knowing I must return to the Rat Race, at least for a little while, to ensure a roof over my head and food on my table.

2. What knowledge did I gain in 2011?
The Ace of Cups represents the spark of new love, new creative or psychic opportunities. It harkens to a deepening of understanding and of feelings in a relationship or the excitement felt in starting a new project or in a known moment of synchronicity.

Reverse it and it stands for a blocking of the same same energies. Usually this means building of walls so one can never be hurt again. Unfortunately the same walls built to keep people out ultimately conspire to keep you in and become your de facto jail.

However the energies of the Reversed Ace do not have to be so extreme. For me it shows the lesson I learned to set limits on opening my heart too soon in relationships. I learned not to wear my heart on my sleeve but to play poker and not show my entire hand at one time

It also signals lessons learned in the psychic arena. I learned what I want out of my Tarot business and what I need in a business partner. Ultimately, the Reversed Ace shows I learned how to balance enthusiasm and hopeless romanticism with pragmatism and caution.

3. What am I bringing into 2012?
After the initial spark of Ace we come to the energy of the Two. Twos represent partnerships, unions, and decisions. In the Two of Cups we see a man and a woman holding up a golden chalice to each other. A winged lion hovering over the caduceus of Hermes is above and between them. The lion is a symbol for sexuality while the wings it wears symbolize spirit. The caduceus of Hermes is a symbol of health and wisdom. 

The Two of Cups lets me know that I bring a readiness for an adult relationship with me in 2012. One that will satisfy sexually as well as spiritually. This goes nicely with the lessons learned in 2011.

The card also indicates that I bring partnerships with me that will serve me in 2012 and allow me to reach my goals. 

4. What challenges will come in 2012?
In the Eight of Cups we see a man turning his back and walking away from eight golden chalices. They are stacked upright . Water surrounds the man as he makes his way for destinations unknown. The Eight is a card of movement. In this case moving on. Although the situation is still good (as seen by the upright cups) something is missing for our man (as represented by the gap between cups). Our man has become wistful, even saddened by the inaction of the Seven.

Reversed, the Eight Cups can represent walking towards instead of walking away. Being reinstated at a job or a position after a period of time. It could also signify leaving on a trip of retrieval, like a shepherd leave his flock to retrieve an errant or lost sheep.

The challenge coming in 2012 may be "staying the course." Not becoming lazy or discouraged when little or no movement on my goals is seen. I must remember the lesson of the bamboo stalk.

Plant a bamboo seed and you will see no progress for years. Then in about the fifth year you will see a little sprout emerge from the earth. About six months afterwards a tall and strong bamboo plant will stand where a nothing once was. The lesson is everything takes time and will come to fruition when given the proper love and attention.

5. What opportunities will come in 2012?
The Five of Cups is a card of loss, or mourning loss more specifically. In it we see a man or woman, dressed in black, with their head bent. They are looking at three golden chalices that have fallen and spilled their contents. Our mourner does not see the two chalices that remain upright behind him. Nor does he see the river that separates him from his home or the bridge in the background which would return him there.

So what is the challenge of 2012? I don't know, but the five shows me it will follow a disappointment or loss. The five reminds me to see the opportunity in all "losses." Not to be like the mourner and become "stuck" in my grief.  Give the pain a beginning, a middle and an end. Then lift my head up and look around to find the upright cups and the bridge leading me home.

6. What guidance will I have/need in 2012?
The Four of Cups is sometimes known as "the morning after the night before" card to the Cups' Three. After the jocularity and celebration of the three, you may need some time to recover. It could indicate apathy or quiet meditation or contemplation. 

In the Four of Cups we see a young lad sitting crossed legged and arms folded, his back against a tree. He stare blankly at three chalices standing before him. He is so lost in thought, or apathy, he does not notice the fourth chalice being offered to him. The image of the offered cup brings to mind the gift offered in the Ace.

Like the Five that comes before it, the four may advise not getting so wrapped up that you miss opportunities.

Reversed, the energies of the Four may increase psychic ability and the ability to "feel" or intuit message from the unseen world. It may also signify a seeking of new opportunities or a rethinking of past options formerly rejected to release boredom.

The guidance being received in 2012 may be an increase of psychic gifts and reliance on them. The reversed four also reminds me not to burn bridges. I may need people or opportunities I rejected in the past to keep moving me forward.

7. Which wish will come true in 2012?
Oh boy. The Ten of Swords. The Melodrama Card. Dun-dun-dun-dunnnn!!!!

In the Ten of Swords we see a man who is dead. Deader than dead. I mean one sword can kill you. If someone really doesn't like you, two or three can get the point across. But ten? Wow, that's overkill!!

The Ten is a card of the Drama Queen. The person that every splinter turns into a two by four. Every hang nail means finger amputation. This person is constantly crying wolf and readying Mr. DeMille for their close up.

However, the Ten can also stand for being beyond hurt and overcoming bullying. After all once you are dead, nothing can hurt you. Peace. Out.

Reverse the energies and the Ten may bring recovery and rebirth. You may feel like a disaster or near death survivor. But survive you did and now breakthroughs are around the corner. You may lose the need to explain or intellectualize everything and simply accept things as the come to you.

Overall, it looks as if 2012 is going to be very positive for me and my growth. My wish of renewal and loss of my cynicism as shown in the 10 of Swords Reversed has been on my wish list for several years and have been continually worked on.

I am looking forward to increasing my intuitive and psychic gives and growing esoterically as well. The only disappointment would be the lack of news on my financial situation and my personal projects. In fact, no Pentacles or Wands showed in this spread.

Oh well, all things in time. In the words of Roger McGuinn, borrowing from Yahweh, "For everything there's a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven." I guess 2012 is a work on me kinda year.

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