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Guest Blogger Post: Therese Relucio - Do Ouija Boards Really Work

Today I turn my blog over to a guest writer. I have known Therese for a number of years. She is funny, smart, and a talented psychic medium living in New York City. Enjoy!


The history of the Ouija Board is, in itself, somewhat of a mystery.  The board was first popularized as a game in 1891 and was claimed to have been tested and proven to work by the Patent Office before it was allowed to be sold in stores.  The use of the Ouija became widespread during, and may have even sprung out of, the same era that gave birth to Modern Spiritualism.

There is no mistaking that the Ouija board has made its rounds in various groups ranging from the skeptical, curious and genuinely interested.  This “game” is easily recognized by the flat board with the entire alphabet as well as Yes and No titles written on each top corner.  There is also a planchette – a triangular piece (traditionally made of wood but is now usually plastic) that easily glides across the board.  The idea behind the board is that it allows a spirit to be able to communicate through spelling out words and answering questions that are put forth by the game players.

But do Ouija Boards really work?!  Yes and No.  Ouija Boards allow for an able spirit to work with the humans around to physically move the planchette.  This makes sense as there are many instances of things of the like, such as automatic writing where the spirit takes control of the hand and arm of a person holding the pen and performing automatic writing.  However, according to the Universal Law of Attraction like attracts like.

If the players of this “game” have a genuine intention of communicating with a spirit that has passed, it may occur.  If the players have an intention of connecting for the sake of being entertained (for example, during slumber parties), communication may also occur.  The problem arises when trying to verify the presence of the actual spirit of whom they say they are and the details that they are providing.

Like attracts like and there may just be a silly, playful, mischievous or just plain deceitful spirit present.  This spirit, of course, has the capability of lying about details and/or pretending to be someone they are not.  For example:  “Is the spirit here my grandfather?”  Another spirit can easily claim to be the grandfather and the players of this so-called game will not know any better.

So the short answer is yes.  Spirit Boards (Ouija boards) work.  Using one as a tool to communicate with spirit is not recommended if you don’t know what you are doing – and definitely not without the presence of an actual genuine medium.  A talented medium can verify what is being communicated by the spirit.

Then again, if there is a medium already present then a Ouija board would be unnecessary and a traditional séance or circle can instead be conducted.

* - written by Therese Relucio. Visit her website:

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